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Infinite Innovations for Medical Devices

Prestige Medicare Co., Ltd. is a expert for R&D, Production, Distribution of implantable medical devices and disposable instruments. We export our own products and import innovative medical products and provide product`s registration to KFDA, OEM, ODM services.

Company Name   Prestige Medicare Co., Ltd.


Establishment      Feb 2007


Address                1013, 1014 Sicox Tower, 484 Dunchon-daero(513-14,

                             Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


Business Range    URO, OB/GYN, GS, PS, ENT fields etc.

Our Creed
Solutions not products is our creed and it means we would always supply our products that are 
well qualified as  a  solution with best quality from the viewpoint of medical professionals and 

Quality Policy
Management system that will consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements as well 
as assure its effectiveness and safety.In all instances, we put the patient first, recognizing that 
at the end of every production efforts, there is a patient whose health depends in some measure 
on the proper performance of our solutions.


2018. 01  Renewal KGMP
2018. 05  “REEBORN 4G” Russia patent registration completed



2017. 03  Patent registered for liquid injection device for skin
2017. 04  Participate in China International Medical Equipment Show
2017. 08  Partnering with Luxillon(Belgium) 
2017. 11  Participate in MEDICA trade fair
2017. 12  Russia registration



2016. 01  Acquired export manufacturing permission for PDO, PLLA
2016. 08  2016 technology development business project: convergence R&D program of Small 
                 and Medium Business Administration selected for Development of absorbent and 
                 non-absorbable mesh weaving technology and implantable support (received USD 
                 $9.3million from government)



2015. 01   Patent application for surgical mesh assembly and method of manufacturing
2015. 03   Participate in Korean Society for aesthetic surgery
2015. 06   2015 convergence R&D program of Small and Medium Business Administration 
                  selected for absorbable PLLA mesh development(received USD $7.5million from 
2015. 06   2015 Medi-Bio quality process supporting program of Seong-Nam Industry               

                  Promotion Agency selected.
2015. 09   Participate in The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
2015. 10   RaiseMeUp Trademark Registration



2011. 06   Patent registered for adjustable derma stamp
2011. 05   Exhibited UreAn, PAMAS and POP-UP at Hospitalar medical trade show
2011. 04   Patent registered for prostatitis therapy system using electro-checo therapy
2011. 04   Entered into foreign patient attraction contract with Seoul National

                Hospital, Samsung  Medical Center and Cha Hospital
2011. 03   Registered as a foreign patient attractor company from Ministry of Health and Welfare
2011. 01   FDA listing of PAMAS
2011. 01   Patent registered for urinary incontinence surgery kits



2010. 01   Entered into sole distributor contract for Femsoft urethral insert and 
                  ReleaseNF anti-bacterial foley catheter with Rochester Medical Corporation USA
2010. 03   Established R&D institute
2010. 06   Acquired certification as a Venture company from KOTEC
2010. 07   Acquired importing permisson for Unimax disposable trocars, Rochester`s ReleaseNF

                  anti-bacterial foley catheter from KFDA
2010. 09   Patent registered for trans-urethral catheter for prostatitis
2010. 09   Acquired importing permission for Unimax endo pouch from KFDA
2010. 10   Acquired manufacturing permission for POP-UP pelvic organ prolapse surgery kits 
                  from KFDA
2010. 11   Acquired manufacturing permission for adjustable derma stamp PAMAS from KFDA
2010. 11   Acquired conformation of Good Importing Practice from KFDA
2010. 11   Exhibited PAMAS at Cosmoprof HongKong



2009. 02   Acquired conformation of Good Manufacturing Practice from KFDA
2009. 02   Patent registered for sexual function diagnostic system
2009. 03   Patent registered for connecting tip of urinary incontinence surgery kits
2009. 12   Registration of trade mark for derma MTS and derma CARE



2008. 12   Entered into sole distribution contract for disposable laparoscopic products 
                  with UNIMAX corporation
2008. 12   Acquired manufacturing permission for UreAn incontinence surgery kits



2007. 02   Established Prestige Medicare Co., Ltd.
2007. 05   Joined Korea International Trade Association
2007. 09   Acquired manufacturing permission for Helix surgical instrument from KFDA
2007. 09   Acquired permission as a medical device manufacturer and importer from KFDA

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